The association COMPANONESS VULNERIS ASSOCIATION is based on fundamental shared values that have to be defended and promoted throughout the actions of the association.


Solidarity is based on the awarness that we are all linked to each other. It means that we have to act for the common good, and help each other.


CVA want to defend elementary human right but want also insist especially on this right, the right to leisure. Indeed this right is too often considered as secondary and neglected in some countries. CVA is conviced that it is in acting on the leisure question, without forgetting other fundamental human rights, that we could sensitize children and young people and plant the seeds for a future society with more humanity and solidarity. 


Equality result from solidarity. CVA don’t call people to make charity because that will mean an unballanced relation between the person who give and the one who receive, and also a such position doesn’t bring solutions for a long time . Solidarity is based on equality between individuals, each individual having the same value and importance as the other. The relation promote by CVA is a relation of sharing between equal individuals.

The action of CVA is independant of every religious or political conviction. The association never want to convert either convince people. The association want only defend human values.